Planning the Perfect Vacation at the Del Lago Resort & Casino

Del Lago Resort & Casino is an exquisite vacation resort with seven unique locations. Vacationers are offered the variety of a fantastic vacation, while the deluxe lodging and poolside packages offer true relaxation. Visitors love the variety of deluxe lodging and rental villas, as well as the fine dining and entertainment available in each location.

del lago resort  casino events

No matter what type of vacation you are looking for, there is a Del Lago to suit your fancy. There are several events throughout the year that the resort offers, including sporting events for families and groups of friends, evening or weekend parties, banquets, corporate luncheons, special appearances by celebrities, special holiday events, and much more. By booking a reservation at the Del Lago Resort & Casino, you can enjoy these events all year long, without having to worry about finding hotel rooms.

If you want to enjoy the finest Las Vegas has to offer, the Del Lago resort and casino is the place to be. There are exciting events available to all guests, no matter what your taste may be. In addition to enjoying the events the resort offers, there are other attractions and activities to explore. Families who come to the resort to get to see the wonderful attractions that come to life at the hotel each day. From the beauty of the lush golf courses, to the lap pool and spa, to the unique restaurants and bars, guests are able to experience what it is like to be in Las Vegas.

There are many different types of event to enjoy at the resort and casino, including the “Wish on the Palms”Live and Love Your Dinner” events. Guests who want to take part in the “Wish on the Palms” event can have their picture taken with the Celebrity Chef and ask them to create a lavish and memorable event for them to celebrate their special occasion. The event is held outdoors on the pool deck, with a live DJ, live entertainment, and drinks, wine, and specialty food items are available for the occasion. Families, singles, couples, corporate events, and special occasions can all have fun at the resort and casino.

The “Wish on the Palms” event also includes two party packs which guests can choose from. Each party pack includes: a signature cocktail, a daily scotch dinner, and a bottle of champagne for the event. Guests can choose from two signature cocktails, or they can select the same as the Celebrity Chef, if that is their preference.

Another event is “Fistful of Diamonds”, which allows guests to shop for diamonds while shopping for diamonds. For each of the event of interest, there is a team that travels to the venue with matching dresses, shoes, bags, purses, jewelry, watches, and watches to make a fashion statement. For the Bridal Pack, there is a team that includes the bride and her attendants and the groom and his attendants. Guests are able to purchase their own diamond wedding jewelry, receive a complimentary dessert for them, and get matched up with a team to help them find the perfect diamond jewelry that they are looking for.

Non-event packages are also available, including a package for the active or retired. This all inclusive package provides food, and activities for the active and retired. Guests of this package will receive room and board, valet service, a gym and fitness center, a mini gym membership, a limo service, and travel within the resort and casino, and two nights’ accommodation for two, with room and breakfast included.

No matter what type of event you would like to experience at the Del Lago resort and casino, there is something for everyone. Take advantage of the many events the resort and casino offers, and enjoy the wonderful Las Vegas atmosphere that only a resort can offer.