Del Lago Resort and Casino Events

Del Lago Resort and Casino is a premier entertainment and gambling destination located in the Dominican Republic. Known for the rich history of the place as well as the exciting casino and club offerings, the resort and casino events are some of the most exciting activities to be experienced during your visit.

In addition to providing a place for entertainment, the casino and club facilities at the Del Lago Resort and Casino offer an array of nightclubs, restaurants and bars for patrons to enjoy themselves while enjoying the casino or club atmosphere. While there are numerous nightclubs and bars to choose from, it is recommended that you visit the Lighthouse Club which is located on the hotel’s main floor. The Lighthouse Club offers live music every night and a variety of dance performances. With a beautiful ambiance and an outstanding line-up of DJs, the Lighthouse Club is an ideal venue for meeting friends and family while enjoying the nightlife.

As part of the entertainment offered at the Del Lago Resort and Casino, there are a variety of casino and club events to attend. From live casino tournaments to live music concerts, you can expect to find a number of casino and club events to attend each week. One of the popular events at the casino and club is the Del Lago Casino Weekend which includes casino tournament play as well as music and entertainment. This is an excellent opportunity for people who want to be part of the action while also enjoying the live casino entertainment that is available in the casino and club.

Another popular casino event at the Del Lago Resort and Casino is the Del Lago Club Dinner Concert. For an elegant dining experience with top notch food and an award winning sound system, you can experience the Del Lago Club Dinner Concert. This dinner concert features jazz, classical, rock, pop, soul, reggae and bluegrass bands playing top hits in their original formats and in addition to this there will be a variety of other entertainment and games for patrons to enjoy during the dinner concert.

The Del Lago Club Dinner Concert is one of the many casinos and club events to be seen during your stay at the Del Lago Resort and Casino. This unique and memorable event offers guests an opportunity to meet with famous musicians such as Ray Price, George Duke, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Madonna and many others. This event also includes live entertainment with music, dances and music acts in addition to the fine dining and cuisine served in the restaurant.

The Del Lago Club is the largest club and casino in all of Dominican Republic. With a beautiful casino as well as clubs and bars in the casino area, you will find that the Del Lago Resort and Casino is the ideal spot for your stay when visiting the Dominican Republic. If you are looking for a place to spend your next vacation or even a relaxing getaway, you should check out the Del Lago Resort and Casino.