Del Lago Casino Opening – What Is Happening?

As you are well aware, the del Lago Casino Hotel is scheduled to open this month. Here is some information on what is happening and what people are most excited about.

del lago casino opening date

For the majority of the casinos opening this year, the first couple of weeks can be very slow as employees have to adjust to the new way of doing business. This can become frustrating if you have been waiting for a very long time to start making your way around the casino. For those of you who have been waiting, there is hope, as all you have to do is remember that everything that is happening at the casino is happening in anticipation of you and your family enjoying your stay at the casino.

Many casinos have already begun construction, so many of the construction crews that will work on the casino are coming from the construction site of the new Las Vegas Strip. In some cases, they are even being flown in from other states to help complete the job. In fact, the Del Lago Casino Hotel is one of these new casinos, having been constructed in under three months.

In preparation for the opening of the del Lago Casino Hotel, construction is going to take place right next to the hotel. Therefore, at the opening of the hotel, you will be able to see and hear the construction crews working on the casino and your meal at the restaurant. And because the casino is constructed so close to the hotel, there is no need to worry about you getting up during your dinner and heading out to the casino.

Some of the exciting aspects of the Del Lago Casino Hotel are its dining location, which is located just across the street from the hotel. On the night of the opening of the hotel, you will be able to eat dinner at a nice restaurant that is a few blocks away from the hotel. That will make for a nice change from the restaurant that has been serving you meals in the same restaurant for years.

The final aspect that people are most excited about is the casino that is being constructed in the Del Lago Hotel. People will be able to begin playing casino games in the area where the casino is being constructed, including the area where the big slot machines are located. People will be able to have their meals while they are playing their favorite slots and blackjack in the area that will be enclosed by the construction crews.

With the wonderful accommodations, and the exciting construction, the Del Lago Casino Hotel is only one of the many new casinos that will be opening this year. For more information on how to book a room at the Del Lago Hotel, please visit the website below.